About Us

Hi my names is Marlen and I’m a mom of 3, two pups, wife, and former medical assistant but due to changes with COVID had to leave my second passion for my children. Decided to finally give a shot to this dream of mine proud Latina Business Owner. Times are hard but I see the glass as half full. I’m very optimistic and love to help those I can even if it’s a kind word. I have always loved making crafts and I have found it to be my passion for years. I love making special gifts and making people smile when they receive their purchase. Visiting my shop and following me on social media means the world to me as it helps me grow and reach my goals. I also love to teach and on my social media I have many tips. I also post items that will be coming to the store. I’m always open for questions this is my passion and I’m blessed to be in this position. My goal is to make you happy and to give everything my all. Thank you for visiting and following me means a lot in my heart. Marlen Jauregui